Fees and expenses


As a general rule the fees for the services rendered by our firm are calculated on a per-hour basis, i.e. by multiplying the number of effectively performed hours by a fixed hourly rate.

The hourly rate is decided upon at the start of each case after consultation with the client.

In order to determine the hourly rate to be applied, a number of criteria are taken into account such as the degree of complexity of the matter, the urgency, the experience and skills of the solicitor dealing with the case as well as the financial position of the client.

The number of hours to be invoiced are determined by means of detailed time registration system handled by the law firm software Jurisoft Plus.

In certain cases, and if the client wishes so, the fees can also be agreed on a lump sum basis.

Our law firm further offers the possibility to its clients to enter into a subscription agreement. This kind of measure-made agreement is specifically meant for those clients that wish to make use of our firm for all legal assistance they require.


In order to cover the overhead expenses of our law firm, a fixed percentage is calculated on the fees invoiced.

Debt Collection

Our law firm applies specific fee rates for debt collection files.

In case of an effective collection of non-disputed claims, the fees and expenses are in most cases determined as a percentage on the collected amounts.

In case the collection would not be successful due to insolvency of the debtor, only a preliminary fixed lump sum will be invoiced for costs.


It is common practice for the client to pay an advance (retainer fee) when our law firm is taking up a file.

During the treatment of the file, fees and expenses already generated will periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, three-monthly) be billed by means of either additional retainer fees or interim statements of fees and expenses.

At the closure of the file, the client will receive a final statement of fees and expenses, which will of course take into account the already paid advances and interim statements.

Statements for costs and fees are to be paid in cash, unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon.

In case of non payment in due time or late payment, our law firm is entitled to charge interests at the legal rate to be calculated as from the date of the reminder, including a notification that an interest at the legal rate will be charged.